Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend goodies

I finished up the Bears hat and even got out my camera to take some pictures!  The pattern for the hat, super easy...short and long rounds (I cannot find it anywhere right now either!) but the flower was just not working for me, I'm sure I was doing it wrong but it was turning out way too big and way too complicated for such a small I did a simple flower instead.  Katlyn approved and that's me done with 4 baby hats!   I will now repeat the same hats for my other Cousin and then ship them off.  
Girly Bears hat
Picked up some new buttons on Thursday night.  Went to JoAnn's a peeked around there for a bit, found some red yarn as well to get my red hat going again.  Been working on it and have only a few rounds left.  DVD watching helps with my crocheting!  One Piece Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and Doctor Who Saturday night.  I do love me some Doctor time :)  So got these buttons, they were buy one get one 50% off and I can't resist a bargain or a button!
New buttons
I still love the first button I found in my stash of things, but couldn't find anything similar but either of these 2 designs will be fine.
Love this button
I also got asked to make a baby blanket for my brother-in-law's new Granddaughter.  Wants it to have her name on it.......that should be tricky!
And finally my Nieces birthday is next Saturday.  I started this blanket for her many moons ago and it's still far from completion, think I can get it done in time for her birthday?  Is that laughter I hear? Why yes it is!  Of course it's coming from my Daughter and my own head.
Still unfinished blanket
Well tomorrow in October, the start of a crazy busy month and really the start of the holiday season.  It's runs together so fast that before you know it Christmas has come and gone!  Yikes!  Gotta love those thoughts of Christmas already!
I will leave you with a picture from yesterday's photo session with a very bouncy puppy!  He really wouldn't cooperate with the picture taking!

Off to watch The Doctor!

Listening to: Burrito by Seether
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