Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy hands are happy hands!

Ok so I decided I needed a new project....needed in this case equates to wanted to do really bad!  When I watch TV, I always manage to spot the crocheted items, Daughter says I'm a weirdo because I do that, but of course since I belong to Ravelry there are more like me :)  I saw this blanket while I was watching my True Blood DVD and thought it was very cool and of course forgot about it because well that's how I am!  Thank goodness for Ravelry though because as I said there are others out there that pay attention AND act upon these spottings, like you know, writing out a pattern for such things!  Much happiness ensued when I happened to accidently run across the True Blood blanket I saw and loved right here 
Square 1 of many
This is a Red Hear Super Saver blanket as well and it just so happens that JoAnn's is having a sale this week so I was able to pick up all but 1 skein of the light blue (I bought what they had) and already had the other colors in my stash.  So not only do I love the look of the blanket, but the cost is minimal!  Really I do believe this is the 1st time I've ever bought all the yarn I need for such a large project, I tend to buy here and there as needed.  I am cheap remember and I hate putting out the lump of cash and having the yarn just sit around waiting to be used.  Katlyn did say though that I am not allowed to buy anymore yarn for a new project until this is done :)  I love that this is portable and great to do while watching TV, so this is my big summer project, let's hope it gets completed!

I did take some pictures of the costly yarn that Alysha bought for a purse, I nearly forgot that I have to make this!  I tried to get some decent pictures to capture just how pretty the colors are in this, but it's was a difficult task for some reason.  It's really gorgeous, with it's greens, turquoise and purples, very rich colors and the texture is funky which should work up fun.  I have to ball it and see just how tricky it is going to be!  It is Be Sweet, Magic Ball in Forest Fruits.  I am planning on doing just the front and the flap of the bag so as to conservatively use this fancy yarn and using the fancy black yarn she bought to pair up with it.  I just figured out that the cost of this 95 yard hank is the same as my entire True blood blanket :)  The black is very pretty as well, it has a lovely sheen to it and I will be using it for the handle and the back of the purse and for a black flower that she requested.  I better get working on this too!
In the shade
In the sunshine
The black is Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend
Sunday morning rolls around and the dogs figure that if the sun is up, they should be as matter that it's 6:30 in the morning.  On a Sunday.  Sigh, up I get and going back to bed after the walking of said dogs is not an option because then I get this look:

Really going back to bed when I haven't had breakfast?
Fine, I'm up!  Just puttered around the house all day mostly.  Got the normal chores done and watched the cats playing on the balcony.
Chibi....old lady cat that she is, still likes to get up and eat my plants.
Katlyn and I have decided we are going to create a jungle on the balcony and went to Lowe's on Saturday for some plants.  I went for some small plants to put into my candle holding bird cages thingy that I was going to get rid of because I don't burn candle like that and it's always in the way but decided to keep because it's cute and I like it on the patio.  Just needed some plants.  So for now we got a staked Star Jasmine (Katlyn's favorite) and a French Lavender (my favorite) and we will be looking for a new plant stand and pots for the both of them.  The current cart I have is a bit crowded.
front middle is the Lavender and the front right is the Jasmine

Bird cage thingy with new succulents 
I work on this one tiny project when I am sitting at the table waiting for something to load usually.  I will hopefully be a sweet little pin cushion.  I keep the tiny balls of yarn in a cereal bowl and am currently close to finishing the back side of this.  You can see at the bottom of the bowl, the 4 granny's already done.

Almost done.
In between everything else I did work on getting the pink inside flowers for my TB blanket.  I need 35 of the pink and then 28 of white and then on with the green.  I will be weaving in all ends as I go so that when the last square is done I can whip them together without the dread of end weaving!
16 pink flowers, only 18 more of these to go!
Whew, see busy weekend.  Didn't get to the beach and we really should do that....there's always next weekend, so we'll see what happens!

Listening to:  Broken by Seether
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