Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to Back

For no reason at all, I am yammering on in another post one day after the last yammering post.  I took some random around the house pictures this morning while waiting for Katlyn to be finished getting ready for class. I worked hard last night to get a tiny bit of order established in the chaos of boxes and to find the top of my coffee table that had gone missing sometime Saturday night!  
See that, that's the floor...yes it is still concrete!
Baby steps people!
Found some Christmas and Halloween decor in the boxes and put the little spider on the mantle. 
He's cute for a spider
 Looking out the window, Katlyn's bike could use some exercise.

fancy editing added for effect :)
Proof that I did indeed find my missing coffee table top!  I do so love this coffee table, it's been in the family for quite awhile now.  It started life as my Sisters' and then when she didn't need it any longer I took it in. (I always take in the discarded)  My kids grew up doing their homework on it, playing their cars and legos on it, dancing on it, using it as a seat and in the extreme my oldest thought he would use it to practice his carving skills.  As I like to say, my table is full of memories!  It's a running joke in our family now when something gets nicked or spilled on, we just say it's another memory.  I do hope my kids pass that along to their kids one day, because furniture can hold a lot of memories!
Yep there it is!
And just for some color....
a bowl of bonbons!
I did get a quick picture of my newest hat, it's red, red, red and I like it bunches.  Well the color anyway, the yarn has an odd feel to it.  Can't quite describe it either, it feels lightweight but doesn't look lightweight and while this pattern I'm using is always springy, it look lighter too and I'm not talking about the color.  The color is actually the most perfect shade of red (hard to photograph).  I don't know what brand of yarn it is, as it came to me in a swap package and hanked without any tag at all, so really no clue!  I hope there is enough to finish the hat, looks like it's going to be close!
Time to go home!  I'm out the door!  Board meeting tonight and more unpacking!

Listening to:  Who I Am by Nick Jonas
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