Thursday, June 28, 2007

Therapy Thursday

Not really too much therapy going on, except for crocheting! I sent off my exchange squares one of them being this guy I saw this over at the Granny Along and loved it. The pattern is over there in the comments. Super easy to make and perfect for my square exchange.
My Ripple has been coming along, not too fast but I'm making a little progress Row 26
I have also taken pictures of the exchange squares I have received so far.
I think that I will put them together with black when I have enough of them.
I have a new love for Flickr. I am finding the most wonderful pictures there and just fascinated with all of the shots. I have taken some of my pictures and am playing with them in Photoshop as well and finding that could be a new hobby as well, just what I need. I do believe I can combine my love of yarn and my love of photography somehow though!
That ends Therapy Thursday for today, thanks for playing!
Listening to: I Need To Know by Tom Petty
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