Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Monday!

Well here I am again. I got another of Katlyn's squares done, I'm now up to 6 (and a half). I bought some yarn, we made cupcakes and I got a bunch more rows done on my ripple. Oh yeah and I bought a new book!
Here's the yarn I LOVE the colors in the variegated! It's called Banana Berry and got the Spring Green to go with it. I have doodled up a color scheme for a new will be rows of variegated yarns (all different) with a solid in between each couple of rows. I haven't decided if the solid will be just one color through out of matching up to each variegated row though! I have numerous skeins, both used and new, of variegated so I thought this would make a great stash buster blanket! I really can't wait to start it!
Now on with the book, I got it at Joann's with my 40% coupon yesterday. After going through it I believe that I have been doing the Soft Waves pattern for my in progress ripple this whole time! All the writing and swatching was for naught! The pattern I am doing looks exactly the same! How does one come up with and new pattern if there are so many out there already??? Anyway back to the book, it has beautiful pictures but I don't know about 200 patterns...I think it should be called 200 colors variations with a couple of stitch patterns, BUT that's just my opinion!
Yesterday was my Dad's birthday, he passed away in 2000, but we always make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting every year for his birthday. This year we did cupcakes as I don't know what happened to my cake pans! I don't think he would mind because seriously, what are cupcakes but tiny little cakes anyway! Katlyn cheated by making some with Vanilla frosting!
Here is the progress of my ripple It's looking great and I really love the yarns. There are 100% wools and Alpaca blends and they are all soft and toasty. It's not going to be a huge throw, but it work out for watching TV on a cool night.
I'm off today so I can get some more done on it and see how the yarn usage is going to work out!
That's about all I've got for today, the boys are out and about for awhile and that leaves just me and the girl so I do believe I will take her to lunch! Happy note, Christopher started his first official job today! He's very excited about that! He'll be 18 in a month too! Where oh where did that time go!?!
Listening to: Back In The Saddle by Aerosmith
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