Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Well I have pictures today of my progress of the ripple for the fair and the yarn that I dyed on Sunday. I also got another square done for Katlyn's blanket. When I get this ripple done I am going to only work on getting her blanket done! (Yeah cuz that will happen) I now have other people outside of my kids requesting things from me, hats, blankets, pigs, does one crochet a shark?
Anyway here is the yarn that I kool-aid dyed I love the colors! I went Kool-Aid shopping on Monday and neither one of the markets I went to had any Blue, Green or Pink Kool-Aid! I'm going to have to call my Sister in SoCal and have her send it up to me...I know they carry it at the market down there!
Here is my progress shot of the ripple Only a billion more rows to go and then it's off to the fair!
I'm off to do the fun stuff...laundry, dishes, before going to work!
Listening to: Spellbound by Triumph
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