Friday, June 08, 2007

Short Stack

I have 5 of Katlyn's 20 squares done. Almost done with number 6 too! I've gotten to the repeat of colors on my ripple and I am concerned about the amount of yarn that they provided in this kit. I know that I changed the pattern, but I am not really using the yarn too much differently. Some of the yarns are definitely going to come up short and that will bad simply for the fact that I am trying to get this completed in time for the fair! Maybe I shot too high this time! We'll see what happens after this repeat and then I'll decide if it will get into the fair or not. If not then I will just be entering smaller items. There's always next year!
here's the short stack!
I have also com to the realization that Christmas is coming fast and I have BIG plans for making everyone's gifts again. Brandon's being the biggest as his is going to be a graph afghan! I best get crackin'
That's all I have on this fabulous Friday morning! I'll get some pictures up over the weekend!

Listening to: I Disappear by Metallica
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