Sunday, July 15, 2007

Order of The Ripple

Well I went to the movies this morning and saw Harry Potter! Can't wait until next weekend for the new book. I took the whole weekend off to read it. Geek...yeah, but I love Harry!

Anyway I have been working on my ripple #2 and am up to row 45. I started a color the other day for row 42 but hated it and had to go back to me stash and figure out some new color scheme! It's getting a bit tougher to get the colors to flow together without looking too garish! Here is the picture of row 45 It's getting harder to photograph as well! I really am liking the purples and the variegated between them. It's Monet by Red Heart. I've used it on exchange squares and really like the colors in it and how they are so tranquil.
Ok that's it for me so far today! I did get another square done for Katlyn's blanket done as well. I am really going to have to hunker down and get it done so I can start on my Christmas gifts!

Listening to: the dryer!
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