Thursday, July 19, 2007

Froggin' along...

I have taken a giant step backward! I had to rip out 6 rows of my ripple! :( I was happily crocheted along and then realized that I had 12 stitches instead of 11, I look at the previous chevron and CRAP there's 10 and 12 there too instead of 11 and 11...grrr. I stop and check which row I had made an error in and it's down in row 44. I tried oh so hard to ignore it and just make some adjustments to get it back in order BUT knowing that it was there prevented any progress at all! So on with the ripping!!! I am now back to the beginning of row 45, so no pictures, no progress, no nothing!!!

Wait I did get my Daughter to do a teeny, tiny bit of crocheting That's it though, she gives up after a short time and gets mad because it's not coming out correctly. I told her she needs to have patience and count her stitches but she just says forget it! How does one become interested in a hobby???
I done back to the ripple and try to get back to where I was before!

Listening to: Some Like it Hot by Power Station
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