Sunday, July 08, 2007

A day off

Well we are back to Sunday again. I've worked on both ripples and Katlyn's squares and have designed a blanket for my Nieces Christmas gift! I will be making her a blanket using the Daisy squares and intermingling those with solid squares, done in pinks. The colors are not final yet, as I have one idea and my Daughter has her own idea to the color scheme! I am going to do a couple of test squares and see which colors work best together for an 8 year old and Little Miss Katlyn will also have a choice as well. I am also going to make a ripple for my Nephews Christmas gift. His is going to be Camo and Black. Very boy and he will love it! He's 5 and really loves anything I make him anyway! I also have Brandon's Confederate Flag graph ghan to do for Christmas as well! Looks like I'm in for a busy few months! Ok well now there's my list of to dos and here's the pictures of the dones!
Here is row 36 done:

Here's a daisy with the first test color.
I think I will try it with light pink solids and with a green solid! I'm going to go to the yarn store today and see what other Simply Soft Brites as well. I was also thinking orange! I'll post the differences.
That's it, I'm off to go buy milk for my son so he can have cereal!
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