Wednesday, May 03, 2017

New Start

Yes indeed it's been awhile.  I will get started with things I whipped up since I last posted and speed up to current projects.  
MARCH 2016
Leprechaun hat for Kasyn 
St Patrick's Day
Bunny Beanie for Kasyn
Easter Bunny
JUNE 2016
C2C Cupcake blanket for Brooke
She loved it

JULY 2016
Started a 4 color ripple & a squishy throw with Bernat Blanket yarn & worked on my temperature blanket.
Went to my first Yarn Hop as well!

New ripple for Alysha 

Squishy Bernat Blanket yarn 

Temperature blanket
 Brooke & I enjoyed the 4 stops in Sonoma County's Yarn Hop
Yarn Hop Haul

Finished my stash busting Eater of Yarns blanket!  It turned out gorgeous and massive  (over hangs tall queen bed)  Katlyn stole it for her bed.  I used so much yarn for it and loved working on it.  It was so much fun to see how the random colors came together.  Very bohemian.  I got my Sister hooked on this method and started her own.  I have 4 others started as well.  One for Brooke in girly colors, twin sized.  Another random colored large one for my son Steven,  1 for Kasyn toddler sized and 1 for Christopher using red, black and gray.  It's too hot right now to work on any of them but I'm hoping for Christmas presents!  

Eater of Yarn on Katlyn's bed
Started a new Temperature Blanket.  2016's model only made it to August 3, 2016 before failure due to color choices.  2017 color choices with the help of Katlyn
2017 color/temp sheet
We use the 2016 failure for the dogs
Kid doesn't care about the colors
Well I can't get Blogger to cooperate with my any more so I will end this for today before I get angry and delete everything!  Tomorrow will be current projects and then we will be caught up!
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