Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Still in May

The last week as been slow for the most part.  A few things working on as always but not a whole lot completed.  I gathered yarn for square number 3 of the #ChaosandChopSueyFriendsCAL and started winding bobbins.
Bobbins at the ready
Of course once the bobbins were done I couldn't help but start just a little bit!

The beginning
 Um yeah, this one's a mess of bobbins!  So many color changes for each row.  My patience just might not hold up for this mess!

I have found that to keep the mess to a minimum that I must weave the ends after each row or two because if not then the mess is overwhelming and I really want to enjoy this blanket and not have it end up in a bag in the back of my closet as a wip!
Neat & Tidy
I had a nice quiet weekend with Katlyn working early in the day on both Saturday and Sunday.  I got things done on Saturday so that I could spend Sunday (Mother's Day) crocheting and reading.  Didn't end up that way, I got distracted by little things that turned into big things throughout the day so I didn't really sit down to crochet until 2 in the afternoon and since I needed to play catch up on my Temperature blanket from the past week, that's what I did.  
Temperature blanket up to date
So nothing huge, but got somethings done and enjoyed the slow week that it was. 
Pleased that I have another post in May!  Still working on it becoming a habit.
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