Monday, May 22, 2017

Too hot to crochet!

 So this weather was just too hot the past weekend to touch any yarn.  I really tried but just the thought of fiddling with it made me sweat more then I was.  Hot flashes are not helping either!   I had a plan to get this square done, but alas it did not happen.   

slow going
Since there was no yarn play I will just show off photos of my dog and grandkids :)
Kid Saturday night bedtime
Sunday morning, Kid didn't really want to relax after their 6 am walk!  He doesn't care when I say I'm going to lay in bed until 7.  He just plopped on me while the other 2 dogs went back to sleep.
Judging me or trying to sleep....
I did some gardening since my balcony is mostly in the shade, still too hot but the plants were very overdue for clean up and repotting.  I got all the plants cleaned up and the balcony swept clean of leaves.  I bought 2 bee loving plants on Saturday and got those repotted and ready for the bees to enjoy.  I have a Brisbane Box tree right in front of my unit and it's full of bees right now so I'm hoping they will enjoy my new flowers too.
Here's yesterday's weather at 2 when I checked for my temperature blanket,  yikes!
Sunday at!
I wasn't in Windsor this weekend but my Daughter-in-law sent me kid pictures.  She was babysitting my Grandson and Brooke enjoyed driving him around in her Barbie jeep.
Sunday afternoon in Windsor
I am hoping to get some crocheting in this week because I am getting behind on things I want to get done!  That's it for today though.
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