Thursday, May 04, 2017

Caught up....mostly

 Back again with the rest of yesterdays catch up post.  We are now up to April 2017! 
I belong to a couple of crochet groups on Facebook and at the end of March a post popped up that was a Friends CAL, WHAT?!  How did I miss that!  Anyway, I jumped right on that bandwagon and bought the pattern from Chaos & Chop Suey on Ravelry.  Started as soon as I had the yarn for the first panel.  I'm doing a mini c2c which is hdc instead of dc.  I'm also using Red Heart Super Saver instead of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn as Angela does.  With this panel I used Vanna's Choice Brick for the rust color because I couldn't find anything close in RHSS
 And ta-da!  Panel #1 complete
 I love the couch and have the next one started.   I joined the CAL very late into it, so officially it's over, but there are still many working on it in the FB group so I'm not bothered.  
 My 2017 Temperature blanket is coming along as well, I love these colors, they all play nice together.  
Done through March

Done through April
It's getting hot, so May should be interesting!
Now on to the WIPS.  I have several going (of course) so I took a photo last night of these 4.  They are more Eater of Yarn blankets.  The top 2 are similar with their random colors, the difference is the size, left is queen size and right is toddler.  The bottom 2 are less random, left is twin sized in girlier colors and the right is only 3 colors, black, gray and red.  These will be set aside for a bit since it's getting so hot out.  They are too big and heavy to work on in the Summer!

top L for Steven, top R for Kasyn, bottom L for Brooke, bottom R for Chris
I also have some other WIPS that I will get photographed and posted so I can keep track and hopefully get them finished up.  I started a Bullet Journal this month so they will go in that as a collection.
Next up.....#2 in the Friends CAL.
 And the halfway point, this has more bobbins!  Of course more bobbins means more ends to weave in.  I am keeping up on the ends as I go though so I don't have to do them all at the end.
 Last but not least for the day is just a little thing to use up all those small leftover bits that I seem to accumulate.  It's tiny right now and sits in a shallow bowl on my nightstand.  I'm doing a regular c2c and dang it's not pretty, but the dogs will love it if no one else does.

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