Monday, May 08, 2017

Welcome Monday

Blah, but oh well off we go into a new week.  Not a whole lot to post about but I'm trying to get into the habit of both posting and photos, so these small posts will be the stepping stone to that habit! 
Onward to the weekend update.  I started bright and early on Saturday so I could get this turkey square done.  Didn't finish it, because I did lots of things on Saturday.  I worked on it in the morning until Katlyn got up around noonish and wanted to go to breakfast.  So off we went to our favorite diner and then ran to Target to pickup a few things for the house.  Came home and played catch up on my temperature blanket.
Saturday's view
Sunday was much more productive for the turkey as you can see.   I worked all day and right up until bedtime to get this one completed!  Going to start the next square tonight, well get my yarn box filled with the proper colors and get the bobbins ready anyway.  
I went to Joann's after work on Friday and picked up the balance of colors I needed for this blanket since they were on sale, so unless I run out of a particular color I should be good to go to the end. 

Ta-da! (The hat is actually burgundy
I love this photo, I love the colors and the organization of it and I think I will have to have a craft room such as this!  Now I need to find those baskets! 
Short and sweet today!  I'm off to find clothes pins!

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