Wednesday, May 31, 2017

....End of May

Made it just in time to get another May post in.  June is shaping up to be very busy.  Starting on Monday we are off to Disneyland, Tuesday California Adventure, Wednesday Universal Studios, Thursday Magic Mountain.  That's a LOT of walking!  Friday we drive North.  Yikes this is going to be a crazy vacation.  Saturday and Sunday is the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival and Brooke's Birthday is Tuesday, then we head home on Wednesday.   Don't think that there will be much in the way of updates during the next 2 weeks.  I know that there will be very limited crochet time.  I will of course take a bag with me to work on in the car during the drive times and the road trips up and back.  Unfortunately I cannot work on my Friends squares in the car so that will be on hold until I get back.  I have a made a bit of progress though, the weather cooled off during the last week that I could play with yarn again. 
upside down and backwards, but progress
it's growing!
the mess during each row
On Friday a pair of mouse ears appeared in my Facebook feed, you know I jumped on those babies!  Oh my goodness, the cuteness!  Went in search of headbands Saturday morning and started in on the first set.  Had to hunt down my hot glue gun as well, but man the finished product is awesome.
Saturday's group shot
More flowers
Two finished headbands down!  Working on 2 more for Brooke and Alysha as well so all 4 of us girls (Christopher said no to wearing one) will have crocheted mouse ears at Disneyland and California Adventure next week.

I guess that's it for now.  I will of course be taking pictures so I will get them posted as soon as I'm able when I'm back.

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