Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Back again with more updates.  I am crocheting like crazy at the moment.  I have a few ongoing projects plus things in between.  Let's get on with it shall we... 
First up my temperature blanket.  I'm not sure what everyone else has done on this as far as a temperature reading, but I check the temp 3 times daily.  Mostly around the same times.  Basically morning, afternoon and when I walk the dogs.  I have been using the temp when I walk the dogs for my color choices.  I've kept track of these temps and found that I would have had far less color variations if just using the days high.  I guess as the weather changes and warms up (as it does in So Cal) I will be pretty bored of orange and red, so I shall just enjoy my blues for the time being.
Day 4
My other ongoing project is my Eater of Yarns blanket.  As it grow, my stash shrinks.  Since I have such a large stash this is a very good thing.  Plus I'm using up all those single skeins that I have no idea where they came from and also using up partial skeins.  It's making for a very fun blanket that Katlyn is already trying to claim as her own.
It's growing
So while waiting for the timer to go off I sat to have a quick read.  Stella decided to make herself at home on my back and Katlyn was quite amused by this.
Animals are weird!
Both blankets in one photo.  The Eater of Yarns is huge and very hard to get all in a photo, same really for the Temperature but I since I'm just updating the daily rows right now, it's easy enough.
Day 9
So another project I started and finished in a day. Kid needed a sweater, I looked online and found a simple enough sweater and took his measurements and set off.  All was fine until the putting it together.  since the collar is a bit smaller (so I thought) There was a tricky bit to getting it to fit together properly.  Finally get it done and put on Kid and alas...I messed up! 
dog sweater parts
I made the chest piece too big.  I measured him at 6 inches and for some reason I made the piece 9 inches!  Ugh!  So I am going to have to figure something out for him, he's less then amused with my skills!
Kid in his new sweater
Added the yarn samples to my color chart just for visual effects really, I only have 9 colors plus white if the temp ever gets below 25 degrees (hahaha) 
Day 11 with color chart
Just a photo to show the progress of Eater of Yarns
Jan 13th
My bag of temperature yarn, it's a very tight fit at the moment.
Day 14
I decided my Grandson needs more geeky hats, so a Pokeball hat was in order along with a Ninja Turtle set. 
Ninja Turtle
I started a new cowl with my lovely Malabrigo yarn.  It's going to be a triple wrap cowl and I am very excited to get to wearing this!
Saturday coffee and crochet
Brooke likes to facetime me, usually daily (I am a lucky Grandma!)  We chat about everything and I crochet and she colors or watches tv, basically we just hangout.. Saturday Alysha and Christopher went to a wedding expo and Alysha got a tiara for being the bride which of course Brooke later commandeered so I was able to get pictures of my girl in a tiara. 
Brooke in a tiara
Here's a shot of all 3 projects I worked on over the weekend.  This was Sunday evening.
weekend wrap up
Monday my boss let me go home a few hours early, so I played with yarn.  I wound loose skeins into cakes and tried hard to get a decent shot of the eater of yarns blanket, but holy hell it's huge!  Like too big for my bed huge, I spread out a white sheet to show it off better, but between the overcast day outside and Katlyn's puppy, who would not stay off my bed....this is the best I got for now.  I guess the stripes are going to be running vertical instead of horizontal on the bed.  Oopsy.   
Harley wanted to be in the picture
Ok that about wraps everything up.  I will end with another temperature blanket photo and sign off for now with day 18.
Day 18

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