Friday, August 03, 2012

New stuffs!

Yay progress pictures, ok well they are new project pictures actually because I don't have progress pictures of my Waterlily blanket.  Though all of the inside flower parts are done 35 pink ones and 28 whites ones for a total of 63, wow this is going to be a big snuggley blanket and I am pretty excited about that.  Too bad it has to hit the back burner for the moment while I get baby blankets cranked out.  The one I do have pictures of is the one I started last night while sitting around an extra 7 hours at work while petty people did petty things.  
I bought these 5 colors of Vanna's Choice a few months ago to make a baby blanket for a friend of my Daughter's.  She had some odd color ideas that included purple, green, black, white and I thought she had said orange way back when but egads!  So many Halloween colors that I really didn't see how I was going to do that and well obviously I didn't.   I'm sure I will come up with something close to what she has in mind, but for now I present this one!
steadily working
here's where I finished up at midnight
I love these 5 colors together I am doing a blanket stitch with no pattern other then the pattern for the stitch itself.  I am working 3 rows in each color and then repeat, I had do a bunch of math last night to get a pattern worked out, so after the first 2 rows of blue I measured, turns out 2 rows equals 1 inch, so more math and I came up with a pattern of 3 rows of each color and then repeat for a total of 5 repeats which should give me a blanket of 32 x 37.5.  The stitch is a great texture stitch and I of course love Vanna's Choice yarn. The colors used are Aqua, Goldfish, Chocolate Cake, Sweetpea and Lamb all VC Baby.  Don't have a total on the skeins used but I'm thinking 2 of each.  Hoping to make a little stripey hat to go with this when I'm done. Baby boy is due in October and they live in Northern California where it's a bit cooler than here in the Southern part of the state!  
That's all the news I have right now and I can't wait to get some more work in on this blanket.  I will be hanging on the couch later tonight with this on my hook!  

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