Friday, July 27, 2012

end of the work week!

I am super happy to be done with this work week.  I need to get things done at home and hopefully I can get them all done this weekend!

Still a couple more birthday items, more yarn which is always welcome and I really want to make a scarf with the Soleil.  Haha, it should be in the high 90's this weekend so not really scarf weather, but I might be able to get it worked up, it is cotton after all and it just looks like so much fun to play with.  The Manos is in lovely blues and browns and I really need to gather all yarns and come up with a wonderful idea to use them!
This could be fun.
Manos in fab colors
I have put some of my many, many BonBons to work making this tiny little cup and saucer.  It was an instant buy on the pattern and so, so easy to make.  Pattern by the talented Wink over at A Creative Being and yes when you click the link you will see that I have not yet made my cup and saucer into a ring yet, but it will be. I have worked up a blue one as well, but it's not put together nor does it have the ends woven in, so it's a bit to messy for photos just yet.  Since I have an abundance of BonBons, I think there are many color combos in the future.
My little teacup
This was also a birthday gift, it's a canvas bag which I am now using for carrying things to work, though it's huge and might need to be carrying yarn!

Truer words were never spoken!
And just because I love this new shirt of mine, seriously how could you not! Star T-Rex...still cracks me up!

Love it!
And a close up of  the Spock Dino...Live Long and Prosper! 
I am very easily amused!  It's not even 1pm here yet...ugh!  Well at least we are out at 4 today and the opening ceremonies kick off the Olympics tonight.  Katlyn and I are watching only because what if The Doctor actually shows up?!?!

Listening to: Lead Me On by Maxine Nightingale (yep no's on my playlist)
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