Monday, August 20, 2012

a wild week ahead

It's still hot, hot, hot around these parts and doesn't look to let up anytime soon, so the best way to beat the heat is to hang out in the pool!  Saturday we did just that, went over to my Sister's and hung out in or around the pool.  I was in, but really needed to get some pictures of Christopher doing his flips and twirls off of the diving board, so I got out to take pictures. I of course managed to forget my camera so the pictures are all from my phone but well you get the idea.
The newest pool addition! 
Chris putting it to good use?
flying solo 
Riley trying his own stunt (yes he does already have a broken wrist)
So while we were out playing Kid was up to a bit of mischief (as usual) These are my Son's expensive headphones which are now chewed and in need of new ear cushions!  Damn dog, I swear if I didn't love his face off, he would be living somewhere else!  So I have to keep these hidden for a bit until the new pads come in the mail, hopefully I can pull that off.  He hasn’t noticed them missing yet but I am afraid he just might tomorrow. He goes to the office with me to do some work and usually takes them with him to listen to his iPod while he works.
Kid chews things when we leave them  at an unscheduled time (I leave him and Max together so they have each other while we are out) In the mornings when Katlyn goes to class and I go to work he does chew things BUT if I come home from work and have to go to the store and Katlyn comes with me...the chewing and mischief run wild!  Sigh...

We started pulling up the carpet yesterday and Christopher is home today working on that so by the time I get home the living room should be all done and maybe the dining room as well.  The clean up is oh so much fun, but man oh man I hate the carpet.  I was going to take pictures and forgot, so I will take some tonight for updates.  We are going to Disneyland on Wednesday, Chris will be housesitting for my Sister Thursday to Monday, Katlyn goes on a camping trip to Big Bear leaving at 7:30 Friday much to do in a week!   It will be just me and the animals for the weekend and I imagine a whole lot of clean up from the carpet removal!

Now while I don't have picture evidence of the striped blanket nearly done, trust me when I's nearly done.  I am on the 5th repeat and have run it very tight on the yard usage with only about 7 inches to spare on the orange stripe...whew.  I am still up in the air about a border too, so I will need to buy some yarn to do the border but 5 skeins, will complete the entire blanket.  

That's for this Monday afternoon, I'm sure I will be back soon with some floor update pictures and blanket pictures and of course Disneyland pictures!

Listening to: Gamma Ray by Beck
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