Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY & Disneyland

Here are some pictures of the decarpeting of my house....oh what a mess this has created.  My normally high dust attracting house is now even worse!  I dusted and swept everywhere today.  Now if you look closely you can see that all of the carpet has not be pulled up yet, and that's because that is a corner of a very large wall unit and it needs more then 1 person to move it and since Christopher did 99% of this himself while I was at work and then he left for my Sister's house sitting duties and honestly on Thursday after spending 12 hours at Disneyland on Wednesday, I was in no condition to handle it myself!  So here we are on Saturday morning, Friday night I was supposed to babysit but that was cancelled so I took advantage of being home alone and watched hours of Doctor Who!  To my credit I did watch and cut up carpet padding at the same time and hauled it a couple of bags down to the dumpster.  So this morning I got the rest of the padding down to the dumpster and did a LOT of sweeping and dusting and moved a bit of furniture around (not the big wall unit though) and I feel much better about the whole thing.  I just have to get rid of the rolled carpet pieces now which will go to the dumpster at my work.  I am babysitting tonight and was just told by the 2nd grader little boy I am watching that I need to clean my house! Grrrrrrr!
Oh such joy!
The concrete is a mess
So on Wednesday we went to Disneyland!  Always a good time.  Happiest place on Earth and my son is not smiling and pretty much had a surly face all day.  I guess it's not cool to be all happy with your Mom and your little Sister at Disneyland.
Arrival and this is the same face for Chris throughout the day!

Katlyn on the tram
Christopher on the tram
We had Chris pick a statue of his own for the traditional Disneyland visit picture and of course Katlyn and I took ours as well.
The White Rabbit is her new tradition :)

He chose Dumbo
I found my ears first thing upon entering the park.  I sparkle!
Yay Disneyland!
I won't post anymore pictures of Disneyland, but I have tons!  So be warned when I need filler photos they could just show up!

Stripy blanket almost done at 99% completed right now should get pictures tomorrow.  The babysitting tonight is not going so easy peasy so I don't know that I will be getting it complete tonight, but I am going to try.  

Listening to:   Phineas & Ferb on the TV

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