Monday, August 27, 2012

Finished one and started another

Got the first baby blanket done.  I love the squishiness of it and though I think it's just a tad too small on the length It came out nearly square.  The stitches kind of pull it together and squish it up a bit, so you could easily add more to the length, but I figured it's a great size for a snuggling baby blanket.  I really do like it and it is very toasty.
Look at that texture!
I will give it a final measure before I pack it up for wrapping and will definitely be repeating this pattern quite soon as my Cousin is expecting a little girl.  Can't wait for those girly colors!  I started on the green/white/orange combo that was requested for the same mom-to-be as the stripy blanket that while contains the right colors (in my mind) my daughter really thinks she is excepting the perfect 3 color combo blanket from me!  Here be the final color choices, let me tell you my Daughter is very picking on her green selection!  I tried every single green I had in my stash (a considerable selection I might add!) and she nixed every one until yesterday when I pulled this Red Heart Spring Green out and she said it was perfect.  So these shall be the colors for the new blanket that I fussed about finding a pattern for until deciding on a star from here
New colors
started the star
Got a few rounds done last night while watching One Piece with Katlyn, just haven't decided how big the colors bands will be yet, kind of winging it.  Not even sure how big it will be yet.  I am just hoping to get it finished before the shower on the 9th!

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