Monday, August 13, 2012

The weekend's all gone again

Here we are back at Monday and I did not accomplish what I wanted to!  By Wednesday I gave up trying to beat the weather and turned on the air conditioner.  I had been running it only after dark in hopes of keeping my electric bill from causing my heart to stop upon opening the next bill, but I have too many animals and just can't let them suffer like Katlyn and I are willing to do.  We went to my Sister's to hang out in the pool after work on Wednesday and came home to a pleasant temperature for a change and the animals were much happier!
My oldest text me on Wednesday asking if he could come hang out with me for a bit so he is now staying until the beginning of September!  Yay, that means I will finally get my carpet out! He will be put to good use for his stay!  
Thursday is really the only day in which I sat myself down and crocheted for a decent period of time, and while I didn't finish the blanket, I did make some progress.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday we hung at my Sister's house swimming.  No blanket making got done during that time :)
My Galileo thermometer says it's too hot.
Kid's way to beat the heat!
Wednesday evening sunset
My Brother grilling ribs in the dark 
My niece Makayla
So the progress picture, not too bad.  Started on the 4th repeat and I think I may have enough yarn to complete all of the stripes.  Don't know about the border yet and I did want to make a matching stripy hat, so I think I will be buying another set of these colors, but pretty cool that I got it nearly done with only 5 skeins.  

progress as of August 13th
So that's it for today, I am staying home tonight and dinner is in the crock pot already so I can relax at home for the evening!  So looking forward to it!

Listening to: She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
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