Friday, January 20, 2012

Yarn Diet & Destashing!

Well I decided last week while driving to work (all my ideas spring up in traffic!) that I really need to do something about my yarn stash!  I have been accumulating yarn for so many years that I just don’t remember!  I have donated some in the past, but it never really makes much of a dent in the reduction process.  I tried using up a lot with my last ripple, and while I did use loads of it, it still never quite gets the bins emptied!  I have 8 bins stuffed full and baskets and vases and jars, all around the house.  Heck I even have 2 hanks hanging as wall art in my living room on a pretty hook (must take a picture!)  So I decided (remember back at the start of this paragraph?) to go through it, and that’s what I did last Saturday.  Now the yarn that I have in 98% acrylic, you know all those Red Heart skeins that are forever on sale...I have my bins organized in color groups, variegateds & “fancy” yarns.  By fancy I mean any yarn that is not Red Heart or the equivalent, so Fun Fur or Suede or such.  So I went through each bin one at a time and pulled out everything I would not use (reality check!) anyway I managed quite well indeed on getting the numbers down!  I have 3 bags stuffed and ready for donation drop off tomorrow and organized much better.  I now have a bin for Homespun, for variegated, groups of colors,  the fancy ones and WIP's.   I got rid of old magazines and pattern books I will never use as well.  Made lots of space and this weekend I am going to match up yarns with patterns so that things will have a purpose.
These bins BTW 

I also decided that instead of buying yarn for no good reason (HAHAHA, seriously there is always a good reason!) Ok, without using some up first, I will not be purchasing any random yarns.  I get yarn monthly from a swap I am in on Ravelry so I am not really in a yarn deprived state and since I have to buy yarn for my swap partner, I still get to acquire new yarn, it just doesn’t get to be for me!  My Daughter is very proud of me!

Ok on another note, please someone explain to me why it is every. single. time. I try to write a paragraph someone feels the need to talk to me!!

That's it, I'm off to complete some work at this place where they pay me!

Listening to: Sound of Madness by Shinedown
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