Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend things

Did some yarn dying this weekend.  I had an idea and it worked out almost the way I wanted.  I say almost, because it is kool-aid and it's not quite as dark as I like.  I am going to have to get some acid dyes to get the effect that I really want.  Anyway I do like how this came out regardless.  I striped the kool-aid when I had it in the crock pot (which I just had the picture up and have mistakenly deleted and can't get it back!!!) and then when that was done cooking in I "flipped" the yarn over and sprinkled in patches the same colors.  The colors all bleed down throughout as is cooks along, but there are usually still some bits of white mixed in and on the bottom, so the "flipping" (seriously using that term loosely, because one cannot possibly "flip" wet yarn!)  So this is Lemon-Lime (green), Blue Raspberry & Berry Blue (blue) and a mix of Pine-Pineapple & Lemonade (orangey/yellow).  the yarn I used was from my swap partner,  Riverstone Worsted by Louet, very nice yarn for dying.
All done and ready for drying
Another view

A crazy messy
Ok the red mess above is an experiment gone wrong.  Red kool-aid in any form (strawberry, black cherry, fruit punch, etc) is very strong, you would think I would remember from when my kids were kool-aid never comes out of the carpets!  Anyway, the yarn soaks the red up super fast and it really just takes over, anyway the above was done the same as the green & blue combo only with Berry Blue & Strawberry  and then when it was flip over time I realized that the red was not going to play nice at all and the blue has turned to purple...sigh.  Ok then I added Black Cherry in spots and waaalaaaa...that's the result.  It's not that bad right?  I am thinking fingerless gloves for it. I used Wool of the Andes for this messy, which I have a few more hanks of still.  So all in all that was my weekend project.  I did manage to get some cleaning of the house in and took the puppy for his first shots and worked on Steven's hat.  I really need to just buckle down on the hat and get it done and move on to the next item!
I think I need to buckle down in everything I do, work, household things and crochet.  I am wandering right now and that's not always a good thing.  

Listening to: Ladies Love Country Boys by Trace Adkins
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