Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Milk Day

Yep it's Milk Day...who knew!  Milk was deliver for the first time is glass bottles on this day in 1878.  There know you have that random bit of silly trivia.
Ok now on with the show.  I have gotten the majority of the project bag finished.  Actually everything except the embellishments and the drawstring cord.  It is now in the blocking process in hopes that the wonkiness of it will go away.  
Here's a picture of it finished but not blocked yet.
I was going to weave the drawstring in right under the scallops, but it's really looking like it will not work well in that position!  I will try it out later if it's all dry and ready to come off the vase I found to use as a shaper for drying!  
Back to work now :)

Listening to:  No Time by The Guess Who
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