Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mindless hookin'

Just what I need to do and maybe get me out of a rut.  Though honestly I'm not in that much of a crochet rut because I have huge amounts of ideas running in my head at pretty much any given moment! Ongoing projects,  Katlyn wants a striped beanie with a flower...ok, Steven's Bender beanie...coming along, Samantha's blanket...coming along slowly.
Then there are the ideas!!  Oh so many of them, first off it never helps that I spend too much time on pinterest, because the fabulous things I see and pin end up in my head as well!  I have a green blanket I am designing in my mind for my Niece Danielle, a rainbow beanie I want to make, and hooded clock that I want to make but haven’t found just the right pattern yet, a gorgeous purse, some heart garland...just endless things and really I never get anything started.  I second guess everything, every color and end up not doing anything, wandering.....ok well on to something simple and mindless and a great stash eater! I found this on pinterest (of course)
I love that's it's simple granny squares and yet lots of colors!  Maybe if I start a granny blanket I will get some much needed anchoring!  I suppose it can't hurt to try anyway!  
I am doing some housecleaning around my blog as well, getting rid of outdated links and moving things around a bit.  I am going to have to design a new header picture as well, since I can't seem to get the one I have to fit across the entire top, hmmmm.  I have some more changes coming too, just getting them worked out!

Listening to: I Said the Wrong Thing to the Right Girl by Keel

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