Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update for today.

Slow going around here at work since I got a new computer on Monday and have spent the last 2 days getting it set up and removing the important documents from my old dinosaur of a computer.  I feel so fancy now since I have windows 7 on this one and it moves at a much faster pace.  So anyway...I finished my project bag for my swap partner and it's in the mail finally.  So on with the pictures.
Here we are in the blocking stages, note the absence of wonkiness.
Final product.
It might look a little bit wonky, but it's not really and the blocking made a huge difference.  I was going to add some other flowers to the body as well, but my daughter liked it as it is.  I will try another and see if I can reduce the amount of wonkiness and add more flowers!
Ok back to work and adding more programs on to my new computer!

Listening to: In a Week or Two by Diamond Rio
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