Sunday, August 26, 2007

I love days off!

I can get things done! I finished an exchange square and cleaned the fish tanks and colored my hair and made breakfast for my Daughter and her friends that slept over and were up until the wee hours giggling and being silly!

Ok on with the pictures!
I did this using the Choco-Cherry that I had left from my ripple and a scrap of pink and a lovely dark Brown (Caron 1 pounder) I like the colors in this and my daughter really wants me to do and whole blanket in these colors. I guess that will be added to my long list of projects!
Here's a side view for the 3D effect.
I bought some Kool-Aid to dye some more yarn, so hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow since the kids are in school and it's my day off again! Yay me!! I have some colorway ideas and then I can use the yarn for my Daughters Babette Blanket since that will be done in natural fibers. Can't wait, I love dying yarn, and posted the process before in here. It's always fun!
I'm making dinner right now so I've run out of time. I will update ripple progress with pictures tomorrow and hopefully my new colorways!
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