Monday, August 20, 2007

It's sooo easy....

To let the time slip on by without even realizing where it goes! A week has gone by and I have not an entry done during that time! Ok I have been working on my ripple. I did the Choco-Cherry rows and then added a dark brown (Carons pounder). I finished those 2 rows last night and then realized that I had no more variegated that would go next. My Daughter then suggested that I just reverse the whole process and well now that is exactly what I am doing! I have started the Choco-Cherry rows again which brings me up to 63 rows! So I think with the exception of 2 of the colors I will have enough stash left to do just that! Stash busting has been fun with this. I will have to do another stash buster after all Christmas gifts are done! I have Samantha's daisy planned out and will have plenty of time to get that done, Riley's ripple will be close and Brandon's graph-ghan is going to be my biggest challenge!!!

I don't have any yarn pictures because I have switched to working days instead of swings and the kids have all started back to school and i haven't got a routine settled in yet and by the time I get home and start dinner the sun has faded and I haven't taken a photo!

Here's a picture of my Niece her 16th birthday party this past weekend!
And here's my Son Brandon...what can I say, he's the life of any party!
I'll try and get my yarn pictures up!

Listening to: Sponge-Bob on the TV
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