Sunday, September 02, 2007


I have stuff done! Just a bit, but still at least something. I seem to be working on the same stuff all of the time and seriously, who wants to read a blog that says the same thing over and over.
I did not get all my yarn dyed that I wanted to as they called me into work on Monday and that meant no days off until today. I did get one skein done though. I used grape and lemon-lime. I love the green of the lime, the purple is a bit darker then I was shooting for, but I'll use it anyway. Maybe darker isn't the adjective I am looking for, maybe more flat, the purple doesn't pop as much as I would have liked it too with the green. I think I'll call it "Limeplosion" I'm off again for 2 days so I'm hoping to get the other 3 skeins done. Actually I will set up one as soon as I'm done posting this.

I have been working on my ripple and am up to Row 67. Got to stand back pretty far to get it all in the same shot! Here's the last few rows I've done. From the last update (row 60) I added the Brown and then started the repeat, well actually the reverse repeat. I ran out of the pink Dazzelaire that I had so I found a rose in Wool Ease, not perfect but since this is a "scrap" afghan anyway it will have to do! I will be improvising on a couple of other colors as well. That was really the idea behind this, using up what I had on hand and I think I've done a fair job of that. Haven't really made much of a dent but haven't purchased any more yarn since the Choco Cherry either. I am on a strict yarn diet until I get some stuff finished up. So unless it's Christmas gift related, no yarn buying!!!

Ok one more thing that I did was a gift for a friend at work. It was her Birthday on Friday and I wanted to make her something and this is what I came up with I made her a cupcake with sprinkles! I made the pattern up my self as you can probably tell because it is a bit wonky but I couldn't find a pattern that wasn't complicated. Sounds silly, how complicated can a cupcake be, but with all the kids running around and trying to get dinner, dishes and laundry done I just simply didn't have time to sit a read the patterns that I could find, so I just made it up as I went. I ripped it out a couple of times, but whatever! She liked it and that's what I was going for anyway. I used the white shell edge to cover the seam only because I ran out of the Dazzelaire (pink) that I had left from my ripple and figured white would be more frosting like anyway and then I sewed the seed beads to the top for the sprinkles.
All right then I think that about covers everything now! Got to get to dying some yarn!
Listening to: Talk Dirty To Me by Poison
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