Monday, August 13, 2007

Ripples and fish

I have pictures today! I am now on Row 60 of Ripple #2 and I am so loving the colors! The last color added is TLC Essentials in Choco Cherry, I love this colorway! I will definitely be using it again for a project! Then right before that is Dazzelaire in the Rose color, no label for that so I am not sure of the exact color name, and then before that is the Strata in Passion. Those are the last 3 colors I have added. I am trying very hard to use up stash yarn but then I find some fabulous color at the store and I have to add it to this ripple! Anyway that's the story behind the last 3 rows, I am trying to locate the information on the other colors used and will update those as well. Since joining ravelry I have a place for better record keeping. Here's another shot of the ripple
It is getting really hard to get in photo of the whole thing!
Here's is another project that I am working on
I redid the fish tank this weekend! It is now home to 22 fish with more to come!
Here's one of the Angels (in the glass) and here's the 6 Cherry Barbs, fish are very hard to photograph!!! That's it for now, I'm off to run some errands and stash dive to find next next colors for the ripple!

Listening to: Sermon by Drowning Pool
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