Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Whiskey Girl

Happy Tuesday!
I have been packing and purging like crazy! Less then 2 weeks until the move! I have been crocheting as well though, some things you just can't go without! I made a total of 6 love bugs! Here is the last group I did:
The black one was the most problematic! First you really need to stuff these guys good and when you do that the stuffing really shows up! Don't they make a black stuffing??? Second the eyes. I didn't like any of the eyes that I made for him so we went to Joann's and got some beads. Now they are kind of goofy but I guess they will do for now. I will have to come up with something better for any future black bugs!

The others were all pretty straight forward! Oh well. I did manage to get 3 more skeins of Simply Soft Heather Gray for my daughters blanket! No one ever has it and I still need 3 more. I get it while I can!

Really smart buying more yarn while in the middle of packing! What's a girl to do??

Here is the Big Poke I am working on as well! He's coming out HUGE!! I ran out of stuffing for him and have to go get some more tonight! I hope I can get in and out without purchasing anything else (yarn) to pack!
The pink and the black is his shell and belly and the green in the start of his head! This will be one big turtle!
That's it for now! Hopefully I can get Poke done before the move.

Listening to: Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley
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