Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rock & A Hard Place

Well we're coming down to the wire now! Only a few more days left until we are on the road! Speaking on road, we went to my Cousins house on Saturday for her Daughter's birthday and since it's a 2 hour trip I took yarn! This is what I got done on that trip:
I finished all of the Blue inside squares for my daughter's 20 square blanket on the way up, since the trip took a bit longer then we had expected (traveling on a holiday weekend through Santa Barbara, not the wisest of things to do!) I didn't bring any Gray for the outside, as I was not expecting to get all of the blue ones done, so a quick side trip on the way home to Wal-Mart to see if they had some Gray in stock and they did! Now I don't want to brag BUT I added and finished the gray to the blue completely in the dark, with only occasionally turning on the car light to join rounds.
Now this is what my poor house look like right now!

I hate mess and chaos! This could drive me crazy!
I almost forgot, here's what I've gotten done with Poke:

I finished his head! Just need the neck, legs and tail!
That's my quick update for today!

Listening to: Set Me Free by Wicked Wisdom
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