Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lack of Communication

Well, well here it is Wednesday already! My packing is pretty much done with the exception of our daily items and such. I have finished Poke though! He's been my only project that I really have been trying to get done before we go up North. I will be taking squares for the trip but it's kind of hard to concentrate on a pattern in the car so I really wanted to get him done. So here he is in his internet debut:
This is without his star. this is the star waiting to be attached. Here the star is attached BUT I don't like how it turned out so I will be removing it and reattaching it so that it is not all wonky!
So on to other things now!
My Sister just replaced the chandelier in her dining room so being crafty I thought I would use
the old one to create something new and fabulous!

I just haven't decided what it will be yet! Like I need another project right now! It's all good!
That's it for today!

Listening to: Brick House by the Commodores
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