Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stone In Love

I am in a bit of a crisis. I have to move. I hate moving. I have to pack. I hate packing. I have to find a new job...well you get the idea of where I'm heading with that! I am moving 400 miles from my beloved Southern California, OK maybe beloved is a bit strong but still! I am going to Santa Rosa where I only know where there is one Joann's and one Micheal's. I haven't been to the Walmart up there, I sure hope they have a decent yarn selection. I need to surf around for local yarn shops as well!

OK onward we shall go. I made hats for the Bears fans at our Superbowl party (they out numbered the Colts fans)
this is Dylan modeling his exclusive bears edition hat!
I made one for his brother as well but never got a picture. The only difference was the third orange band was eliminated from his brothers. My nephews is the same as the second one too.
Superbowl party was fun, yet disappointing well because the Bears lost but oh well! There's always time to find a new Quarterback!
That's it for me, I will try to snap pictures of my moving progress (sooo much yarn!) as we go along and anything that I can get completed during this month with the packing and the moving and such!
Listening to: Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
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