Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Been Awhile

Not really, but it's the song that I am listening to as I begin typing. I finished 2 more love bugs last night for Valentines gifts.
Actually the one on the right is the first one that I made but seeing as my Daughter stole the other one from me last night, he was unavailable for picture taking! The one on the left in in his box ready for shipment. They are so easy to make up in an evening. I will be making more for some of my Daughters friends for little going away gifts.

Since I really haven't accomplished too much this month I thought I would share older completed projects that I gifted.

This is from the 90's and was a Birthday present for my Sister:

It's a pretty decent size and she loved it. I can't remember exactly what book I got the pattern from but it was from Leisure Arts and had to versions of each afghan.
This one was made for my Brother-in-law in 2003.

This pattern in from the book by Leisure Arts, Best of Terry Kimbrough.
I will have to start making more afghans! I love giving them away and seeing them used!
That's it for me right now! I am on the hunt for boxes!
Listening to: First Time by Styx
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