Friday, January 05, 2007

I Love This Bar...

A little bit of Sammy as I start typing!

I am still working on my latest scarf and managed to get a square done for the new granny exchange that I joined last week over at Crochet Partners. I needed to get one to the coordinator so she can send me out my first set of names! Here the picture:

Just a pretty plain, basic granny. I will be on the hunt for some different patterns with more flare! I have some more of this yarn left so I though I would use it as a flower on a cream colored background for a square or 2.
It is Friday so I will be working on hats, and finishing up the scarf that I am working on and a tote for Andrew's girlfriend and I am going to frog the blanket that I started in November with the yarns that I got from Knitpicks as I really don't care for the pain in the neck pattern that it is, with the yarns. I am just going to make it straight rows of hdc or something equally simple with all of the different textures of yarns. I think that way I will have much more motivation to finish it, because right now as much as I love the yarns, I can't bring myself to work on it!
Well that about sums up how my weekend is going to go along with football games I'm all set!

Have a great weekend!

Listening to: Wang Dang Sweet Poontang by Ted Nugent
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