Monday, January 08, 2007

Chain Reaction

Happy Monday to the world! I have to go out job hunting...not my best idea of fun! Oh well, I do think a steady paycheck is fun though. I didn't get too much crocheting done this weekend either. I felt the need to clean and organize things instead. I did get pictures framed that i have been meaning to and got my craft table (non crochet things) cleaned up and put into a plastic storage bin for the time being. I hate having clutter, so I packed it up and it will go into the storage space and I will have more room for yarn!

Anyway, I did get the scarf done that I was working on and got some inside squares done on both my 16 yo sons blanket and my daughters blanket. I only took a picture of the scarf for now! This is done with Chenille Thick N Quick in Chocolate, Lion Suede in Teal, Sensations Whisper in Brown/Turquoise and Bernat Baby Lash in Gentle Green.

I also worked up a list of things I need to make for everyone, both long term (Christmas) and right now stuff! I will also stop buying yarn except for the blanket yarn I need for above mentioned 2 kid blankets, until I am done with those blankets. I think I have enough in my stash to sustain me for quite awhile and get squares done for my granny exchange even!

I think that's about it for my Monday update!

Listening to: Chip Away The Stone by Aerosmith
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