Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First Post of 2007

Happy New Year to all! I went through my project book and gathered all information from 2006 and got my first item done last night for 2007!

This is my first designed beanie! I wrote up on the pattern on New Years Eve and worked it up last night.

I put the Batman logo on there and my Nephew loves it. Since this is the first time using the pattern, I'm not sure how well I am in love with the look. I had to add extra rows on the end of it to make it longer, so I will make up another one a bit different and see how that works out so I can get the bugs out of the pattern!

Now on to the completed project list of 2006:
I got 4 afghans done, 4!!! That is my biggest crochet accomplishment ever! Ok enough of that! I was just so excited to realize that I had done 4 full afghans!
5 Amigurumis
2 small purses (felted also)
1 stole
10 regular beanies
2 beanies with earflaps
1 shawl
4 totes - felted as well
2 large purses (felted)
10 potholders - 6 of them my own design
1 pair of fingerless gloves
11 scarves
2 felted bowls
1 of my own graph design totes
I very excited to see everything I did get done. I didn't even realize how many things I did actually complete! Here's hoping the list will be just as long in 2007!

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