Monday, November 13, 2006

A weekend of chaos

Well here we are again with Monday and I am not progressing very well with any project that I am working on! I got the green skull potholder done and started a heart one for my sister. I worked a bit on my knitpicks afghan. I have pictures of all of them.

See not much advancement has been made! Of course the afghan is for me anyway so I don't need to get that finished in time for Christmas, but it is so lovely that I want it to be done! I really need to get the potholders done, so that will be my priority along with the cowboy booties for a friend of mine! Those should be easy though. My nephew wants a scarf with the Batman logo on it so I will be attempting that as well for a Christmas gift! Oh dear!

That's it for today! Better get hooking!
Listening to: Missing You by Trace Adkins
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