Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coming Undone

Well I got the other side to the pig purse done BUT the problem I have is that I didn't have enough of the same pink as the first one, SO I used a different pink and it came out smaller then the first panel! The first pink I used is from a discontinued skein of Pop N Yarn that I've had in my stash from a baby blanket I made years ago!! Ok so I can either stretch to fit the back to the front OR I had the idea to just do the back panel solid black and call it a day...I am toying with the idea of lining it as well, but I haven't done that before so I'm not sure how to! Oh well I'll figure something out!
I did manage to write up the pattern for my sons rasta hat, so maybe I'll give that a go tonight! I have no pictures so far today...maybe later!


Listening to: Tha Ballad Of Jayne by LA Guns
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