Friday, December 29, 2006

Head Cold

Ok I do not know why every time I travel up to Santa Rosa I get sick as soon as I get home! EVERY TIME!!! When I went in September I took Airborne & Emergen-C with me and drank it at least twice a day and still had a mild head cold upon arriving home, this time I forgot to take any with me and I have been struggling since (ok 2 days, but still!) Last night I climbed in my bed at 6:30. I really need to feel better because I have to get my 2006 completed list up and I would like to get my 2007 to make wish list cruising along! I have found more projects yet again today while checking out some blogs and my new Crochet calendar. I am going to attempt to work with wire to see of I can make a tealight/votive holder. If it works out then there is next 2007 Christmas gifts for everyone and if not well then back to the drawing board! I have a pattern for a confederate flag that people were talking about on Crochet Partners today and my 14 yo son will LOVE it! That will be his Christmas present for 2007 for sure. I have some yarns picked out for scarves, one for my MIL (well ex but we still like each other) and one for me.

hers is the black & purples and mine is the browns & turquoise.

Now this is something I am working on for my nephews. I hope that it looks like Batman:

I really want to make a hat with this pattern on it but I haven't made a hat with a graph yet. I don't know how this will come out but I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

So far that's what I have except for the squares blanket for my last two kids! Time for more medicine!

Listening to: Falling in Love (Is Hard On The Knees) by Aerosmith
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