Friday, December 08, 2006

Here we are on a Friday!

Alrighty then, I haven't posted since Monday but I have been crocheting!
I completed the second Christmas tree potholder and started a new skull one last night. I did 2 more hats for my Nephew, did another scarf for myself, did 2 bowls that I have to felt, worked on the pink baby blanket & started a new scarf! I have a few pictures.

Here are Riley's newest hats! I red one is called "tomato" because that's his favorite food! He thought it was very cool that I named it for him!

Here's the second scarf that I did for myself, I think I might have to whip some of these up for Christmas gifts! They are so soft & absolutely gorgeous with all of the different textures!

This is one I started last night! I love that I can go through my stash and throw colors together and come out with a scarf!
I will have pictures on Monday of the finished potholders and hopefully have the next set at least started!
Yeehaw, it's Friday!
Listening to: Strange Way by Firefall

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