Monday, December 04, 2006

Hats, hats, hats!

Well I didn't get any Christmas gifts done this weekend but I did get a bunch of hats done (6) for kids in my family! I made one innocently enough for my 4 yo nephew and then my Cousin was down visiting with her 3 kids, so well they each needed one too, and then I didn't want my Niece to feel slighted, so I made one for her and of course one for my Daughter! Lots of stash diving was done! No without further ado here they are in all of their glory:

Now these are the ones I did Saturday and Sunday. My Nephew was wearing blue and red this morning and asking for a blue hat with red stripes to match his clothes, so being the best Auntie ever I said yes and made this:

This is his new hat...he loved it!
Hope the week is fun for all! Other then the fact that there are now only 3 weeks left until Christmas!!!! it should be great!
Listening to: Fade to Black by Metallica
176.5 (this number would go down if I threw away all of the Halloween candy we still have!)

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