Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One Step Closer!

More stuff done, but not quite enough to actually stop a breath! I got 1 scarf done for my Daughters friend and now she wants another for another friend. Good thing I have an abundant stash of fun yarns to chose from...not to mention that every time my Sister leaves her house lately she stumbles across more yarn for our fun, fun scarves! Anyhoo...this is the first scarf for my Daughters friend:
The yarns used for this one are Angel Hair by Sensations, Poof by Crystal Palace, Ping Pong by Bernat & Fun Fur.

I have started the second one using Yellows & Blues and will post picture when done.

Now this guy is hysterical!

Got him at Joann's the other day. Who can resist a Santa made from a ball of yarn!!!
That's it for me, back to hooking!
Listening to: The Long Run by The Eagles
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