Monday, February 13, 2006

my negleted blog

I read other blogs almost daily and I always check out new ones, yet for some reason I forget to post here! Nice.

Okay on with the updates...
I have a new love of felting! I've read things on doing it and thought it would be interesting to try one day but since I always have other projects going I jsut did't have time. Well Joann's was having a sale on Paton's Classic Wool and I have a concert to go to next week I thought I could put aside my stepson's blanket for a minute and whip up a small purse to carry my cell phone and some cash in. Designed a liitle pattern (well made it up as I went) and then felted it! Came out a wee bit too small for the original use but my daughter loves it and I made another over the weekend a bit bigger! I will post pictures as soon as i figure out how to.
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