Monday, February 20, 2006

This is Happy Hippy George

Well here it is Monday afternoon and I've done very little. Got some new songs for my ipod, ate some lunch, cruised around on the internet & got 2 orders. That's pretty much it for my day, did have a few all regarding quotes, but nothing much. I guess with it being a holiday and the weather back east everythings slow.

This is George...he's actually a lovely dark purple but no matter how & where I photographed him he did not come out looking purple. Now what's a poor hippo to do? His head and snout are a bit big for his body I think but I followed the pattern for him.

I'm think about doing my next animal in wool so I can felt him up! Nice!

Wow how boring am I today...I have nothing to say. I do wish that I could get the cute little buttons to go in my sidebar and put other stuff there as well, I wonder if there is a blogger for dummies out yet? Just a thought!
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