Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hump Day

Wednesdays are a slow day at work. I got to crochet today...working on my oldest stepson's blanket. It's 20 12 inch squares. Just 2 colored granny squares, his is 5 rounds of RH Tan fleck and then 7 rounds of Caron pounder in Midnight Blue. Nice colors together and I like the sturdiness of the yarns for teenaged boys. I made one for my oldest son for Christmas is Red & Black and it works up nice plus he loved it! Now I have all of these blankets due for all of my kids. I have four plus two stepsons, so they are all getting their favorite color with something to match with it. The next one is going to be Orange (egads) and I'm thinking Teal as the middle. Could be fun. My 15 year old wants his to be Lime Green & Purple, now there's a fun combo. :)
I'll be heading for Joann's after work today to pick up another skein of the Caron Pounder in Midnight Blue since it's on sale until Friday and hopefully they will have it this time, everytime I try to get it they only have 1 skein. grrr.
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