Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rock On!!

Ok tonight is the Aerosmith concert! yipee! We are getting limo and going in style! I can't wait. I'm leaving work a little early to make dinner for the kids and to get myself all dolled up! :) We are drinking wine on the way there since no one (except the guy that is paid to) has to drive!

My daughter wants a hamster...She said "but Mom they are only $10" I told her while that maybe true the set up for the said hamster to live would cost much more then that. She called her Dad to ask him for the money. He told her he would send her everything minus the hamster which she could get after everything arrived. Now she's very excited and dancing around thinking about her little hamster friend. Great!

I finished another square, watched some of the Olympics and went to bed early last night. I'm very sleepy lately which could prove problematic tonight with the staying out late and all, but at least I don't have to drive anywhere.

My Mom wants me to make her a new scarf for her cruise to Alaska, so we will head off to the yarn store tomorrow and pick out something for her. She wants it wider the normal so that she can wear it over her head if she wants so I will have to think up a new design that can accommodate those requirements. Shouldn't be too hard. I am hoping to keep her away from color combos that are too hedious to wear. I have no objections to crazy color combos for afghans but I draw the line at scarves. Just kidding I really don't care...I'm not wearing it anyway.

Well I should get finished up and clean off my desk for the day.
AEROSMITH in 5 1/2 hours!
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